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Soybean oil extraction process is using solvent to dissolve oil by penetrating inside raw material, then separate solvent from mixed oil to get crude oil, here solvent will be collected.Meantime, wet soybean meal will be dried inside desolventizer and solvent will be collected too. In soybean oil extraction process, basic elements are solvent, raw material, extraction methods and technology.

How to choose solvent?

1.It can dissolve oil with any proportion at natural temperature or low temperature.

2.It can only dissolve oil not other substances.

3.Its chemical property is stable, not changing after heating,evaporating and cooling.

4.Its boiling point should be lower than oil ,easier to be separated from oil and soybean meal

5.It has no toxicity, no bad smell, no pollution

6.It can not react with oil, meal, material of equipment.

After many years experience, now in soybean oil extraction process, we use more N-hexane as the solvent to extract oil. But it still has the disadvantage of easy explosion. More inforamtion, you can read Soybean oil extraction.

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