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During operation soybean oil making machine,there are some main points we need pay more attention.
1.In pretreatment
Flaking machine is the most important soybean oil making machine , which is related with oil production capacity and oil quality.Good operation of soybean oil flaking machine is very important for good flaking result, In order to make sure flaking quality, it should control moisture and temperature of raw material before flaking.It's better soften raw material before flaking machine. Before operation, examine flaking machine carefully, once flaked material is not even or some without flaking , we should stop to check the flaking machine. to make sure even flaking.
2. In oil extraction
In oil extractor, temperature of solvent should be controlled around 50-55degree,using big spray method.On the first layer of desolventizer, because wet meal contains too much solvent, temperature cannot increase too fast and too high,better controlled at 65-75 degree. On the second layer, temperature is about 85degree.both layers use directly steam to evporate solvent.From the third layer until last layer, using undirect  heating to dry meal. After stripping, if concentration of mixed oil is still not meeting the requirement of evaporation, this part of mixed oil should be evaporated again.
3.In oil refining
Degumming is basic step of whole oil refining, For physical refining, phosphoric content of degummed oil should be controlled no more than 20ppm so that phosphoric content of decolored oil will be under 5ppm,which will not have bad effect on oil quality.
Deacidification should be operated according to acid value,to add reasonable alkali to neutralize fatty acid, too much alkali will make more oil refining loss, too little alkali will be not enough to separate fatty acid.
Loss of deodorization mainly is loss during evaporation and oil splashing loss, so during operation, we need control well the quality of direct steam under a reasonable range to reduce splashing loss, and control vacuum and temperature at a reasonable degree.

During soybean oil production, good operation of soybean oil making machine is important for oil yield and energy consumption.

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