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Soybean oil is one of most common oil used in chinese people's life. Only yesterady, total 22670 tons of soybean oil and 212800 tons of soybean meal are closed the deal It's a big market, but how to make good quality of soybean oil and soybean meal , to choose good soybean oil processing machine is very important.

Thinking that oil contain of soybean seeds is less than 20%,our soybean oil processing machine is withou oil pressing, just soybean oil pretreatment machine, soybean oil extraction machine and soybean oil refining machine.

1. Soybean oil pretreatment machine consists of soybean seeds cleaning machine, soybean seeds crushing machine , soybean seeds flaking machine ,plate drier. In this process, it's important to flake even soybean pieces for better extraction .

2. Soybean oil extraction machine consists of soybean oil extractor, solvent desolventizer, multi-effective evaporators, condensers. In this process, solvent is collected by condensers for reusing . so it's important to equip enough size of condensers to completely cool down solvent.

3. Depending on different refining methods, soybean oil refining machine is different. For small capacity chemical refining, soybean oil refining machine consists of refining kettles, decoloring kettles, deodorization tower, heat conducting oil furnace, vibrating screen, pumps etc. 

If we want to produce high quality of soybean meal or soybean concentrate protein, it 's important to hull soybean seeds first in pretreatment process. And in oil extraction process, we can use high temperature and low temperature soybean meal production , low temperature soybean meal can be deep processed into soybean concentrate protein.

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