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When you make a soybean oil processing plant , there are some important things you should be careful during soybean oil processing .

1. Flaking is key point of pretreatment ,related to oil quality and quantity. To make sure good flaking, it needs very strictly control material's moisture and temperature before flaking. Before flaking machine working, it should be examined carefully.When flaking machine working, it's important to check if flaked pieces are even or not or if there are unflaked pieces . If happens, flaking machine should be stopped and checked to adjust the balance. Also, we need check scrapper just in case it stick to flaking roller. 

2. In every grid of oil extractor, filling 80-85% material, solvent temperature is controlled at 50-55℃, flaked pieces ready for extraction is also at 50-55℃, oil extractor at about 50℃. Spraying adopts big spraying, 30-50mm on the top of flaked pieces.The proportion between solvent and flaked pieces is about 1:0.8-1.1. 

3. Good operation of desolventizer. When wet soybean meal enters into first layer , the temperature should be controlled at 65-75℃ to avoid it increases too fast and too high because at this moment soybean meal contains lot of solvent, The second layer is controlled at 85℃. These first two layers use direct steam to evaporate solvent. From the third until the last layer, using indirect steam heating to dry soybean meal at 100-105℃, drying 40 minutes.

4. Mixed oil evaporators. Mixed oil is evaporated through three evaporators, first evaporator should be bigger than others because in the beginning, the solvent contain inside mixed oil is more. The third evaporator is called stripping. After stripping, if the concentrate of mixed oil doesn't reach standard , this part of mixed oil will be re-evaporated again.

5. In refining soybean oil, it adopts water washing to remove hydrated phosphatide, the temperature of water should be higher than crude oil.

More information about soybean oil processing, please check soybean oil processing equipment.

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