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Why need sunflower oil extracting machine?
Normally, after oil pressing, there are about 6-8% residual oil inside pressed sunflower oil cake, this part of oil is wasted and pressed cake is not good as animal feed with too much residual oil. Then it's better using sunflower oil extracting machine to extract this part of oil and  with Sunflower oil extracting is using solvent to extract oil from pressed sunflower oil cake, solvent will be evaporated and separated from mixed oil to get crude sunflower oil , and sunflower oil meal will be dried and packaged for sale. 

Main sunflower oil extracting machine

1. Solvent oil extractor
 Normally oil extractor is choosen depending on production capacity, there are different types: batch oil extractor , rotocel oil extractor, loop type oil extractor, towline oil extractor etc.

2. Wet meal desolventizer
Wet meal is dried inside desolventizer by high temperature steam, dry meal will be delivered to packing area.

3. MIxed oil evaporators
Mixed oil evaporators normally is using multi-effective evaporators combined with first evaporator, second evaporator and stripping tower. Because in the beginning concentrate of  solvent is higher, first evaporator is always bigger than second one.

4. Solvent condensers
Size of condensers is depending on capacity, it's important to make sure enough condensers to cool down solvent .

Cautions of using sunflower oil extracting machine

1. N-hexane is one of common solvent used in sunflower oil extracting machine, which is flammable and explosive, oil plant of sunflower oil extracting machine should be no smoking and flame plant.
2. N-hexane storage tank should be buried or half-buried underground.
3. Sunflower oil extracting machine should be installed in separate building with separate yard, around no high voltage cables.


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