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 Sunflower oil extraction machine

There is also residual oil content in the sunflower seed cake need to extract out. According to the production capacity of the sunflower oil machine, can choose Atmospheric evaporation or Negative pressure evaporation, Tail gas recovery can choose water absorption method, also can choose mineral oil recovery method. The extractor is one of the key equipment of the sunflower seed oil machine, there is 3 types of the extractor: rotocel extractor, loop type extractor and towline extractor.
Looptype sunflower oil extraction machine

Rotocel sunflower oil extraction machine

Drying and desolvation device

The wet meal content solvent after drying and desolvation can be packed and sold.

Three-effect Evaporation

Add fresh solvent into the extractor to dissolve the sunflower seed oil content in the cake, then according to the different boiling point, heating them by the Three-effect Evaporation to separate the oil and solvent. The crude sunflower seed oil send to oil refining machine workshop, and the solvent reused.

Solvent recovery device

Cooling the solvent by the condenser after separate by the Three-effect Evaporation, remove of the water content in the solvent then reused.

The solvent recovery device is very important in the sunflower oil extraction machine.

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