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 Nowadays, sunflower oil is becoming one kind of healthy cooking oil used more often in our life. In order to get good quality of sunflower oil, good combination of sunflower oil machinery is very important .Sunflower oil machinery includes sunflower oil pressing machine, sunflower oil refining machine.

1.Process of sunflower oil pressing machine

Sunflower seed---magnetic box---cleaning---husking machine---cooking--- sunflower oil pressing machine---crude sunflower oil

2.Process of sunflower oil refining machine

Crude sunflower oil---degumming&deacidification---decoloration--deodorization--dewaxing --First grade edible sunflower oil

We are professional manufacturer of sunflower oil machinery, we design for clients machinery according to their requirement. We provide turnkey project for TPD5-3000 sunflower oil machinery , for TPD20 sunflower oil machinery, the price is about USD170000.00-USD200000.00  just for reference.

Features of our Sunflower Oil machinery :

♦ Easier to operate, energy saving
♦ We design your oil plant layout according to your land , reasonable design to sufficiently use your space.
♦ Wide application that can be used for many other kinds of oil seeds such as rapeseeds, cotton seeds, espcially oil refining machine.

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