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Four importants notes in sunflower oil plant

Complete sunflower oil plant includes sunflower oil press line ,sunflower oil refining  and dewaxing line. When we make a complete sunflower oil plant, there are four important notes you should know.

1. Cleaning machine is used in the beginning of sunflower oil plant .
Because there are small stones , small metals etc impurities inside raw sunflower seeds which will make damage on machines, shortage the service life of oil machines.

2. Husking machine is very important in sunflower oil plant.

(1) If without husking , pressed sunflower oil contains about 0.65-2.33% wax, if with husking, sunflower oil contains only 0.2-0.5%. 85% wax inside crude sunflower oil is from sunflower husk.
(2) Sunflower husk doesn’t contain oil, if without, making pressing production lower and energy comsuption higher.
(3) Without husking , it’s not good for extraction.

3. Husk and kernel separating screen

Don’t separate all husks just in case that it’s too slipery during pressing.

4.After oil refining, sunflower oil needs dewaxing .
Oil refining has four steps: degumming, deacidification, decoloration and deodorization. After these, we get refined sunflower oil. But sunflower oil contains wax, refined oil after long storage will become muddy, which is not good for sunflower oil quality and for sale. So, we always recommend dewaxing after refining.

If you want to know more information about sunflower oil plant, please contact us or read about  Sunflower oil processing. 

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