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In sunflower oil production, we need pay attention on some important technical points during operating sunflower oil making machine, which is related with oil yield , oil residue and oil quality.

Some technical points during sunflower oil production:

1. In sunflower oil press section
Sunflower oil press section mainly includes cleaning,cooking, pressing. How to control cooking conditions and specification of cooked material is key point in this section. Cooking conditions include temperature, moisture and time,which should be adjusted according to different raw materials. Well controlled cooking conditions and specifiction of cooked materials  can improve effects of pressing ,extraction and refining. Normally before pressing, moisture of cooked materials. If raw materials with high phopholipid, we should make sufficient moisture to make sure phopholipid swelling to remain inside cake which will help oil refining.

2.In sunflower oil extraction section
How to control in this section is directly related with quality of final meal and crude sunflower oil. 
First, if solvent residue inside crude oil exceeds the standard, it will make too much solvent consumption and low oil yield resulting in worse quality of final oil.
Second, if solvent residue or moisture inside meal exceeds the standard, it will have bad effect on storage and usage of meal
Third, oil residue inside meal has directly effect on profit of oil plant. How to control low oil residue inside meal is the most important thing in sunflower oil extraction. After confirming technology of oil extraction and sunflower oil making machine, quality of pressed cake, fresh solvent and oil extracting temperature are three important factors affecting oil residue inside meal.
When we operate sunflower oil making machine, we need control well pressed material with reasonable moisture, less powder and even size, then we need control the quantity of solvent used during extracting in order to reduce afford of evaporation, stripping and condensing,finally , we need adjust extracting temperature according to the raw material temperature and climate conditions.

3. In sunflower oil refining section
Sunflower oil making machine in sunflower oil refining is divided into four steps: degumming, deacidification ,decoloration and deodorization. Key points in sunflower oil refining as follows (batch refining for example):
First,degumming is basic and important point. Degumming mainly is for removing phopholipid. The exist of phopholipid will reduce the stability of storage and usage value of sunflower oil, Hydrated degumming is normal method adopted in oil refining.
Second, quality control of oil. Because of moisture, temperature, time and refining auxiliary, bad control of oil refininig will make unstable oil quality. In order to meet oil standard, the whole section of sunflower oil making machine in refining should cooperate with each other very well.
Third, energy consumption control.In order to reach final oil standard, energy consumption is unavoidable,but we can control strictly of oil refining conditions and oil making machine to control energy consumption.





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