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 Sunflower oil machine--Pre-press section

1. Vibration sieve

According to the capacity of the sunflower oil machine, transport the sunflower seed to the elevator,
After the magnetic separation by the vibration sieve begin to screening, for remove off the impurities.

2. Stone remover-- used to remove of the heavier impurities.

3. Hulling machine-- used to crushing and hulling.



4.Shell kernel separation screen
Separate most of the sunflower seed sheller, packed for sell or used for fuel.
A small amount of shell contained in the kernel conducive to  pre-treatment, because there is large wax content in the kernel.

5. Flaking machine

Flaking the oil seeds can brokes cell tissue of the sunflower seeds and creats beneficial condition for cooking.
Flaking also makes oil flows out smoothly when pressing or solvent extraction.

6.Cooking machine

Cooking machine is used to change the internal structure of sunflower seed flakes, including destroying seed cells,
protein solidification and denaturation, etc. All these changes makes oil easy to isolate and also enhance crude oil quality.


Pre-Pressing/Pressing is to press oil from sunflower seeds or cakes, there are several oil press machine for this section according to the capacity.

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