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 Advantages of Dayang`s Vegetable oil refinery

1, Continuous alkali refining in the vegetable oil refinery can shorten the contact time of oil and alkali, reducing oil saponification, low consumption, improve production efficiency;
2, Combination pre-mixing and steam string decolorization technology, improve the decolorization efficiency, save the amount of clay, operation simply and conveniently; the negative pressure can avoid oxygen in the air and oil contact,ensure the quality of oil, inhibit acid recovery, reduce peroxide value.
3, Physical refining adopting a new technology of continuous refining, suitable for deacidification and deodorization the high acid valued and low degumming content vegetable oil. production practice prove that this process has the following marked characteristics: acid removal ability, good thermal decolorization effect, oil quality good.
4, This technology fully used the heat energy, effectively reduce the steam consumption, the production process can be adjusted, operation flexible, high degree of automation, environmental health, etc..

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