• Cooking oil extraction machine

Cooking oil extraction machine

Cooking oil extraction machine Cooking oil extraction machine extracts oil from vegetable oil seeds and refines it. Line of machines that produce oils and fats suitable for cooking.

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Cooking oil extraction machine

Cooking oil extraction machine extracts oil from vegetable oil seeds and refines it. Line of machines that produce oils and fats suitable for cooking.

1. Raw material pretreatment of cooking oil extraction machine:

The production process of the cooking oil extraction machine starts with cleaning, removing stones, crushing, steaming and frying, puffing and other operations on the raw materials. Depending on the type of raw materials, the required equipment is also different. For example, rice bran extraction usually adopts puffing extraction process, which can better change the original structure of rice bran and make it more conducive to oil extraction.

According to different raw materials, the cooking oil extraction machine uses many single pieces of equipment. The commonly used machine parts are: vibration cleaning destoner, crusher, billet rolling machine, extruder, steaming pan, softening pot, pre-pressing machine , Cheng fuel tank, hoist and so on.


2. The cooking oil extraction machine extracts oil by pressing it. After the oil raw material in the pretreatment section enters the press machine, most of the oil is separated by physical extrusion, and the pressed cake is sent to the next process, the extraction section . The separated crude oil is sent to the refining workshop. According to different raw materials and different requirements of finished oil, it can be processed through simple cold filtration, degumming, decolorization, deacidification, deodorization, dewaxing and other processing methods to achieve the purpose of refined cooking.


3. Oil extraction of cooking oil extraction machine:

This stage of the cooking oil extraction machine is that the extraction equipment uses the solvent to fully contact the pressed oil to extract the oil to form a mixed oil. Using the different boiling points of the solvent and the oil, the solvent is evaporated, stripped, condensed, recovered, and separated The crude oil and solvent are extracted, and the crude oil goes to the next process, and the solvent is recovered and reused.

Oil extraction by cooking oil extraction machines is one of the common processing methods in the edible processing industry today. Projects that use extraction to produce oil are usually projects with a large output. For example, projects with a daily output of more than 30 tons are more suitable for oil extraction. Common projects that use leaching equipment include soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, rice bran oil and other leaching oil projects.

The oil extraction process of cooking oil extraction machine can be divided into two types: direct extraction and pre-pressing extraction. The selection of the process is determined by the oil content of the oil. For oils with less oil content, such as soybeans and rice bran, the direct one-time extraction process Oil extraction is maximized. If it is an oil with high oil content, such as rapeseed, peanut, etc., it can be pre-pressed and leached. First, 60-80% of the oil is squeezed out with an oil press, and then the pressed cake is crushed and sent to the leaching equipment. Leach out the remaining fat.


No matter which leaching process is adopted, the advantages of leaching oil production are very obvious: high oil yield, low residual oil rate, the residual oil rate can be reasonably controlled below 1%, and the quality of the cake is high, which is conducive to secondary utilization.

There are many types of equipment required for the complete set of extraction equipment production line of cooking oil extraction machine, which can be divided into four stages from raw material to finished oil; the raw material extraction system, the wet meal evaporation system, the mixed oil evaporation system, and the solvent recovery system. . The extracted crude oil is sent to the refining section for processing.

Extraction oil must be equipped with refined oil equipment, not only because of the impurities contained in the oil, but also because the leached crude oil will contain a small amount of solvent residue, which is harmful to the human body after consumption. It needs to be controlled within a reasonable range through refining equipment. Refining equipment generally includes five main processes such as degumming, deacidification, dehydration, decolorization, and deodorization. Since some oils need to be dewaxed, such as rice bran, tea seed, walnut oil, etc., it is necessary to configure a set of dewaxing equipment after deodorization . Refined oil that has undergone the above-mentioned "six removal" process is filled and sealed after passing the inspection, and it is edible oil sold in supermarkets.


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