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Palm Oil Fractionation

After palm oil refining,palm oil fractionation is required by some clients to separate palm oil into palm olein,palm stearin or palm midfraction in order to have more uses of palm oil. Dayang cooking oil machine provides professional palm oil fractionation technology.

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Palm oil is one of most widely consumed vegetable oil in the world, there is great business opportunity in palm oil production. Palm oil has good features with half saturated fatty acid and half unsaturated fatty acid which makes it have better stability than other vegetable oil.

In order to sufficiently use palm oil, it's better to separate palm oil into different parts with different uses suitable for making different products.

Palm oil fractionation is to sepatate palm oil into low-melting-point liquid part and high-melting-point solid part, Fractionation can divide palm oil into palm olein, palm stearin and palm midfraction(optional). Melting point of olein is about 24 degree, and stearin is about 50 degree. Palm olein normally is used for frying as other cooking oil, and palm stearin is used as an ingredient of condensed milk, margarine, instant noodles, biscuits,breads and so on.
Palm oil fractionation methods are composed of dry fractionation,solvent fractionation and surface active agent fractionation.Here we will talk about dry fractionation.

Dry fractionation is one most economic method without adding any solvent, just slowly cooling down melted palm oil ,crystallizing oil and filtering to separate solid oil. There are three steps of dry fractionation: heating, crystallizing,filtering to separate.

Before crystallizing, palm oil will be heated to melt completely.

2. Cooling and crystallizing
The key of dry fractionation is to cool down and crystallize. Good cystallizing, easy separating. So the design of cystallizing tank is very important, but the cooling exchange surface , cooling system and mixing system are basic . The whole process should be well controlled under a certain temperature with even speed in order to make stable,even crystal . The temperature is depending on the quality of olein required, normally is about 20 degree to stop cooling.

3. Filtering
After cystallizing, it uses filter machine to separate palm olein and stearin,

Dry fractionation is one method used more often in palm oil fractionation , it has advantages of easy operation, high automation, low steam consumption ,no pollution and good quality of final products.
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