• Soybean  oil extraction equipment

Soybean oil extraction equipment

Towline Solvent Oil Extractor is one of most important solvent oil extractor.

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Towline solvent oil extractor is also called towline scraper extractor , is one type of oil extractor which is very important oil machine for cooking oil extraction. In structure, it is similar to the crawler type extractor, or one kind of derivative of loop type extractor just without bending part and changing loop type structure to top and bottom combined box type structure. But the theory of extraction is still similar as loop type extractor . Even without bending part, when the material falls down to bottom floor from the top, the material can be stirred completely by stirring device to keep good penetrability. By this way, the oil residue can reach 0.6-0.8%.
Advantage of towline oil extractor
1. Raw oil material is divided into several separate unit on material bed ,which can effectively avoid mixed oil flowing around and keep different concentration during spraying
2. Separate lattice of soaking can achieve better soaking effect. 
3. The chain box is supported by track without touching screen deck, which can prolong screen deck service life.
4. Driven by hydraulic motor with double-shaft, making balance force, stable running and low maintenance cost
5. Suitable for extracting materials with high oil contain or high powder


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