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Vegetable oil extraction machine

Vegetable oil extraction is using solvent to extract oil from oil cake, for different capacity , vegetable oil extraction machine and vegetable oil extraction process will be different.

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 1.Vegetable oil extraction definition

After oil pre-press machine , crude vegetable oil will be delivered to refining line , and the pressed cake will be sent to oil extraction line, using solvent to extract oil from oil cake , this process is called oil extraction.After oil extracted, mixed oil will pass through multi-effective evaporators to transform solvent into gas in order to get crude vegetable oil. And wet meal will be dried inside desolventizer,where the solvent will be removed too. Both solvent will be recovered after cooled down through condensers.Solvent is recyclying in vegetable oil extraction process.

2.Why is vegetable oil extraction machine important?

The oil residue inside cake is about 6.5% after oil press machine , this part of oil will be wasted if without oil extraction. After oil extraction machine , the oil residue inside meal is less than 1%, which greatly increases oil yield.
 3.Vegetable oil extraction process

Edible oil extraction process
4.Photos of main vegetable oil extraction machine

Towline oil extractor- using solvent to extract oil from oil cake
Towline oil extractor
Desolventizer-dry wet meal and evaporate solvent
Desolventizer in oil extraction
Muti-effective evaporators - evaporate solvent from mixed oil
Evaporator in oil extraction
Condenser-cool down solvent and solvent recovery
Condenser in oil extraction

5.More information 

A. What type of oil is vegetable oil extraction machine suitable for ?
–The edible oil extraction machine can be used for all kinds of edible oil.

B. What capacity i should choose ?
–You just note us how many tons of raw seeds you want to treat per day or how many tons of oil you want to produce per day , we will quote you the proper capacity of oil extraction machine.

C. What is the minimum capacity of vegetable oil extraction machine?
–The minimum capacity is TPD15

D. How about thevegetable oil extraction machine price?
–Complete set of vegetable oil extraction machine price is depending on the capacity, different capacity the price will be different . We will offer you most reasonable price .

E. Are you vegetable oil extraction machine manufacturer ?
–Yes, we are professional oil machine manufacturer with many years experience, we can design for you vegetable oil extraction process as your requirement.,



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