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1. Characteristics
The equipment is intermittent refining process, has the advantages of reasonable design, excellent performance, simple operation, low power consumption, light weight, and small floor area etc., compared with other refining equipment, this intermittent equipment has the characteristics of less investment, effects fast and no need specially built plant.
2. Main equipment of the animal oil refining machine
Refining pot
: Used for acid refining, alkali refining, washing and degumming section;
Decolorization pot: Used to bleaching oils and removal of pigment;
Deodorization pot(SS): Used to removal of bed smell of the oils;
Heat conduction oil furnace: Provide heat when production, the temperature can reach 280ºC;
Vacuum pump: Provide the vacuum for decolorization and deodorization section.
Pressure filter: Filter clay;
Steam generator: Provide steam for the deodorization section.
3. Operation instructions
(The oil is different, the operating conditions are different, too. This operation instructions just for reference.
3.1. Preparation before operation
3.1.1. Sampling and testing the crude oil, determination of acid value and color, can test sample in the laboratory;
3.1.2. Connect through cooling water;
3.1.3. Preparation of clay, alkali (NaoH), coal;
3.1.4. Connect power supply;
3.1.5. Check the vacuum pump, pressure filter, heat conducting oil pump;
3.1.6. Each time change the heat conducting oil, must heat for 5 hours at about 90ºC, if high layer tanks without water steam overflow, can slowly heating up to 280ºC.
3.2. Alkali refining process
3.2.1. Start to operatingFire up the conducting oil furnace, control the heat conducting oil temperature at about 90ºC, Start the vacuum pump waiting for use.
3.2.2. Intermittent refining process: 
Feeding oil--Heating-up--Acid refining--Alkali refining--Washing for 2-3 times--Dehydrating--Decolorization--Filtering--Deodorization--Cooling.
According to the different temperature and concentration of alkali, alkali refining process has two method: Low temperature concentrated alkali method (The initial temperature is 20ºC-30ºC, alkali concentration is 20-30B´e); High temperature light alkali method (The initial temperature is 75ºC, alkali concentration is 10-16B´e).
3.3. Decolorization process
Open the vacuum pump, vacuum degree >700mmHg
Inhaling the washed oil into decolorization pot, stirring and heating up to 90ºC, then stirring for 30 minutes, reduce the water content in the oil is less than 0.1%, then adding active clay, generally the adding amount is
2%-5% of the oil amount, according to the oil color, then stirring for 30 minutes, get rid of vacuum, reduce the temperature lower then 70ºC, pump the mixed oil into filter by plunger pump to separate the clay and get
decolorized oil. When the filter pressure gauge point to 0.3Mpa, clean the filter residue.
3.4. Deodorization process
Inhaled the decolorized oil into deodorization pot, when the vacuum degree is higher than 755mmHg, start to distillation and at the same timing to deodorization.
3.4.1. Deodorization time: according to the oil conditions;
3.4.2. Deodorization temperature: 240ºC;
3.4.3. Deodorization vacuum degree: >755mmHg
3.4.4. Steam pressure: 0.3-0.4Mpa, Amount: 40kg/1 ton oil/ 1 hour
3.4.5. The whole timing process must be steam distilled;
3.4.6. After the completion of the deodorization process, shut the direct steam and the heat conduction oil under vacuum condition, inlet cooling water, when the oil temperature lower than 70ºC, get ride of vacuum, after sampling and testing, pumping the oils into oil depots or tank packing.
4. Attentions
4.1. Each time change the heat conducting oil, the heat conducting oil must cycling and heat preservation for more than 5 hours at 90ºC;
4.2. Refining pot, decolorization and deodorization device, heat energy using must be reasonably distributed and adjusted. When deodorization, the deodorized oil temperature must be at 240ºC-260ºC, other equipment mainly balances by the valve throttle.
4.3. After maintenance, any heat conduction pipe gaskets must use high temperature gasket, sealing valve using high temperature piston valve.
4.4.Must first start the heat-conducting oil pump before the heat conducting oil furnace ignition, and the pump must continue working after the heat conducting oil furnace fire off, shut off the pump when the heat conducting oil temperature lower than 100ºC.
No fire up when there is no heat conducting oil.
No fire up the heat conducting oil furnace before start the heat conducting oil pump working.
This equipment is suitable for all the animal oil refinery and 
vegetable oil refinery. 



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