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Corn germ oil machine

Corn germ oil machine Corn is a staple crop with a wide range of planting in the world. Corn can be used to extract cornstarch, make syrup, and ferment to produce alcohol, bio-butanol and other products. In the above processing process, corn germ must be extracted from it, so a large amount of corn germ can be obtained from multiple sources. Corn germ has a high oil content and is an essential raw material for extracting corn oil. Corn germ is a by-product extracted in the corn processing indu

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Corn is a staple crop with a wide range of planting in the world. Corn can be used to extract cornstarch, make syrup, and ferment to produce alcohol, bio-butanol and other products. In the above processing process, corn germ must be extracted from it, so a large amount of corn germ can be obtained from multiple sources. Corn germ has a high oil content and is an essential raw material for extracting corn oil.
Corn germ is a by-product extracted in the corn processing industry. The common germ extraction methods include semi-wet germ extraction, wet germ extraction and dry germ extraction.
1. Wet germ extraction: soak the corn in a large amount of water containing sulfurous acid, grind and remove the germ, and use a cyclone separator to separate the relatively complete germ. This method is generally used by the starch industry and the glucose industry to produce 100% corn. Starch with a purity of more than 90%.
2. Dry degerming: Dry degerming means that the corn is directly degermed and broken within 15% of the safe moisture content, and then the corn germ is extracted after one or more pressings. At present, the corn dry germ extraction process has There are two kinds of corn embryo extraction process and simple dry corn germ extraction process.
1. Corn germ extracting and milling process: corn germ extracting and milling, that is, the processing technology of producing corn flour and corn germ at the same time in corn processing.
2. Corn co-production refers to the corn processing technology that simultaneously extracts corn grits, corn germs and various corn flours during the processing of corn deep processing equipment.
3. Semi-wet germ extraction: This process uses the difference in water absorption between corn germ and endosperm, the difference in elasticity and toughness after water absorption, and the difference in crushing strength to separate the germ, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the embryo.
Use corn processing equipment to crush the corn, peel it, and remove the germ, and then use the difference in particle size, specific gravity and suspension speed of the embryo, endosperm and skin to separate the pure endosperm (embryo ≤ 1.2%) and the mixture of embryo and endosperm. The mixture is classified by air gravity, then the embryos are flattened, and the embryos are separated by sieving to obtain pure endosperm.
To put it simply, the process of semi-wet embryo extraction in corn processing equipment is roughly divided into: corn→cleaning (removal of impurities, side stones, iron)→moisture and tempering→peeling and broken slag→3 embryo pressing→3 grading→ 3 Extract the embryo and suck the air → peel → sieve powder.

The oil extracted from corn germ is called corn germ oil, also known as corn oil. The fatty acid in corn oil is characterized by unsaturated fatty acid content as high as 80% to 85%. Corn oil itself does not contain cholesterol. It has a dissolving effect on the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood, so it can reduce the hardening effect on blood vessels. It has a positive preventive effect on senile diseases such as arteriosclerosis and diabetes. Due to the function of natural compound vitamin E, it has obvious curative and preventive effects on heart disease, thrombophlebitis, reproductive dysfunction, muscular atrophy, and nutritional encephalomalacia. Some elderly people eat a spoonful of corn oil on an empty stomach every day as a supplement.
The color of corn oil is golden and transparent, with a tangy fragrance, especially suitable for quick cooking and frying. When frying at high temperature, it has considerable stability. The fried food is crispy and delicious, and the cooked dishes can not only maintain the original color and fragrance of the dishes, but also not lose the nutritional value. Mix cold dishes with corn oil and have a pleasant fragrance. There is less oily smoke and no greasy during cooking. The freezing point of corn oil is -10°C, and the oil contains a small amount of vitamin E, which has a strong antioxidant effect.
In European and American countries, corn oil is widely eaten as a high-grade edible oil, and enjoys the reputation of "healthy oil", "rest assured oil" and "longevity oil".

Germ extracting process of corn germ oil machine: corn is first transported to the vibrating cleaning screen to remove impurities, and then the metal impurities and stones are removed by magnetic separator and specific gravity destoner. After cleaning, the impurity content in the embryo material is less than 0.5%.
The cleaned corn uses a water machine to add hot water or direct steam to steam the cleaned corn to make the corn skin and germ absorb water and expand, creating a gap between the kernel and the kernel, which is conducive to the separation of the skin, germ and endosperm.
The moistened corn is crushed with a crusher. The moistened germ has particularly good elasticity and toughness and is not easily broken, while the endosperm is broken into 4-6 petals.
Then use a flat rotary sieve to separate the slag and corn bran, and then use a gravity separator to separate the germ and endosperm. Then use a flaking machine to squeeze the germ, the germ is flattened, and the endosperm is crushed, and then the sheet-shaped germ is separated by a flat rotary screen.
2 Main equipment for corn germ oil machine extraction: vibrating cleaning screen, magnetic separator, specific gravity de-stoner, watering machine, crusher, plane rotary screen, gravity separator, flaking machine, etc.
Pretreatment and pressing of corn germ oil machine: the starch content in corn germ is relatively high. During the oil production process, the existence of seed coat (the main component is starch) will affect the oil yield and oil quality. Therefore, the pressing section should pay attention to cleaning, The endosperm and skin should be separated as much as possible.
The starch contained in the germ is easy to gelatinize when the material temperature is high, so the steaming and frying process requires different steaming and frying temperature and moisture requirements for the embryo material with different purity. For embryos with high purity, the steaming temperature increases with the acceleration of the purity of the embryos, and the water content in the press decreases accordingly.
Generally, screw oil press is used for pressing. In order to ensure a high oil yield, the pressure of the oil press needs to be increased. For small-capacity oil pressing plants, there is generally no leaching workshop, and the oil press uses a double-screw oil press. , control the residual oil of the press cake to less than 6%. Large-scale oil press factories can properly reduce the pressure of the oil press and speed up the residual oil left in the leaching workshop for extraction.

Due to the low water content in the pressed cake, for the pressed cake sold directly without leaching, for the sake of stability, the water content should be adjusted to about 12%.
1. The pretreatment process of corn germ oil machine: corn germ—screening—wind selection—softening—flaking—steaming and frying—pressing—residue removal—filtering—crude oil
2. The pretreatment process of the corn germ oil machine: the corn germ is firstly screened or winnowed to remove the seed coat in the raw material as much as possible to ensure the purity of the material, and then the magnetic metal debris is removed by magnetic separation to protect the subsequent machinery and equipment.
The cleaned germ enters the softening equipment, adjusts the moisture and temperature of the germ, reduces its toughness, and then passes through the flaking machine to crush the germ to destroy the cell wall and facilitate oil production.
The corn germ after flaking enters the steaming and frying pan for steaming and frying, so that the protein is fully denatured and coagulated, the oil droplets are agglomerated, and the viscosity is reduced. After heat treatment, the temperature and moisture of the material are adjusted to facilitate pressing. The purity is controlled according to the difference.

The steamed and fried corn germ flakes enter the screw oil press for pressing, and the pressed oil is transported to the oil tank through the oil residue conveyor, and then filtered by the filter, and then transported to the crude oil tank for storage. The machine can realize the back pressing of oil residue, and the pressed cake is transported to the cake storehouse by the conveyor to be leached in the leaching workshop or stored in the cake storehouse.
For the sake of stability, the moisture should be adjusted to about 12% for the pressed cakes that are sold directly without leaching in the leaching workshop.
Extraction process of corn germ oil machine: 1. Corn germ oil extraction process: corn germ press cake→leaching→filtering→evaporation→stripping→leaching crude oil
2. The extraction process of the corn germ oil machine: the corn germ pressed cake from the pre-pressing workshop is transported to the extraction workshop, and enters the extractor through the buried scraper conveyor and the sealing auger. With the operation of the extractor, the concentration of the spray decreases in turn. Mixed oil, and finally spray fresh solvent to reduce the oil content in the feed to less than 1%. The wet meal enters the steamer from the buried scraper conveyor and sealing auger, sprays direct steam to remove the solvent, and transports it to the meal warehouse Pack. The mixed oil obtained by solvent leaching of oil and fat is filtered, precipitated by mechanical impurities, evaporated, stripped and other processes to remove the solvent to obtain leached crude oil.
The mixed oil adopts the negative pressure evaporation technology, and uses the secondary steam of the evaporation and off-line as the heat source. The first steaming, the second steaming, and the stripping all work in a vacuum state, which reduces the evaporation temperature, speeds up the quality of the crude oil, and saves steam consumption .
The solvent vapors of evaporation, first steaming, second steaming, stripping, and leaching are recovered through corresponding condensers, and the condensate is collected in the liquid collection tank, and after entering the comprehensive container for water separation, the solvent is then pumped into the extractor to enter the next cycle , The separated water is discharged into waste water after being cooked in a cooking tank. The free gas of each condenser enters the balance tank, and then enters the post-condenser, and the tail gas recovers the solvent and then is emptied.

3. The main machine components of corn germ oil machine extraction: extractor, special steamer for corn germ, meal dust collector, long tube evaporator, stripper, condenser, comprehensive container, cooking tank, tail gas absorption tower, etc.
4. Main features: The equipment is specially designed for corn germ extraction, adopts negative pressure evaporation process, has low residual oil, less solvent consumption, and the extracted crude oil has good quality and light color.

The refining process of corn germ oil machine:
1. Corn germ oil refining process: crude oil—degumming—decolorization—filtration—deoxygenation—heat exchange—heating—deacidification and deodorization—heat exchange—cooling—crystallization—crystallization—filtering—refined oil
2. Machine refining process of corn germ oil: After the crude oil is preheated, light alkali is added to make the gums and some free fatty acids in the oil form soapstock, and then the soapstock is separated, and then hot salt water is added to the oil for washing and separation Wash soapy water, after one or two times of the same washing, the degumming is completed. The degummed oil enters the decolorization process, adds activated clay to decolorize in the decolorization tower, and then pumps it into the leaf filter for filtration. The filtrate is polished and then enters the next process. After the leaf filter is blown dry, the waste clay is discharged through vibration. The decolorized oil is pumped into the degasser for vacuum deoxygenation, then pumped into the oil-oil heat exchanger for heat exchange and preheating with the deodorized oil, and then enters the heater to heat up to about 250°C and enters the combined deacidification and deodorization tower in a high vacuum state Deacidification and deodorization are carried out under the following conditions to remove fatty acids, odors and other volatile substances in the oil to the maximum extent. The mixed steam of fatty acids is discharged from the top of the tower and enters the fatty acid capture system to be captured and sold. The oil is drawn from the bottom and pumped into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with the oil to be deodorized, and then deodorized oil is obtained after cooling. The deodorized oil is cooled and crystallized in the crystallization tank, and then transferred to the crystal growth stage. The crystallized and crystal-raised oil is pumped into the filter to separate wax and fat to obtain finished oil.
3. Main machine components of corn germ oil refining machine:
Centrifuge (or refining pot), decolorization tower, leaf filter, bag filter, combined deacidification and deodorization tower, spiral plate heat exchanger, crystallization tank, dewaxing filter, etc.
4. Features of machine refining process of corn germ oil: adopt physical refining technology, equipped with combined deacidification and deodorization tower with deodorization tower and high temperature deacidification tower, high degree of automation, low production cost, small loss, dewaxing and degreasing process is designed, The quality of refined oil can meet the Chinese national standard


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