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Corn oil extraction machine

Corn oil extraction machine The corn oil extraction machine is a complete set of equipment that uses corn germ as raw material to produce corn germ oil through pre-pressing, extraction and refining; corn oil is corn germ oil.

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Corn oil extraction machine
The corn oil extraction machine is a complete set of equipment that uses corn germ as raw material to produce corn germ oil through pre-pressing, extraction and refining; corn oil is corn germ oil.
Process overview:
The starch content in corn germ is relatively high. During the oil production process, the existence of the seed coat (the main component is starch) will affect the oil yield and oil quality. Therefore, the pressing section should pay attention to cleaning, and the germ and skin should be separated as much as possible.
The starch contained in the germ is easy to gelatinize when the temperature of the material is high. Therefore, the steaming and frying process requires different steaming temperature and moisture requirements for the embryo material with different purity. The embryo material with low purity has higher starch content. The temperature should be lowered. For high-purity embryos, the steaming temperature will increase with the acceleration of the purity of the embryos, and the water content in the press will decrease accordingly.
After the corn germ is cleaned, flaked, steamed and fried, and oil-pressed in the pretreatment workshop, the corn germ is first cleaned to remove impurities, magnetically separated to remove metal impurities, and then softened to adjust the moisture and temperature of the germ, and then destroyed after flaking. Cell wall; steaming and frying promotes protein denaturation, oil coagulation, viscosity and surface tension reduction, and after heat treatment, the temperature and moisture of corn germ can be adjusted to facilitate pressing; the crude oil extracted is vacuum dried and filtered before entering the refining workshop; pre-pressed cake After drying and cooling, it is sent to the leaching workshop. The pre-pressed corn germ cake is sent to the leaching workshop for leaching. The pre-pressed and extracted crude oil is degummed, deacidified, decolorized, dewaxed and deodorized to obtain refined corn germ oil.
The corn germ pre-pressing process is suitable for corn germ processing plants with a certain scale. During pre-pressing, only about 70% of the oil in the germ is squeezed out. The temperature and pressure of the pressing are relatively low, and the obtained crude oil contains less impurities and has a better color. Shallow; at the same time, the density of germ particles is increased, which is beneficial to subsequent leaching.
Its core process includes: cleaning and removing impurities, drying, softening, flaking, steaming and frying, pre-pressing, etc.
The machine components equipped with the corn germ oil extraction machine include bucket elevator, scraper conveyor, vibrating screen, destoner, dryer, magnetic separator, weighing scale, softening pot, flaking machine, steaming pan, pressing Oil machine, dust removal system, etc.
Extraction process of corn oil extraction machine:
The principle of the application of oil extraction method is to select an organic solvent that can dissolve oil, and after spraying and soaking the corn germ cake, the oil in the corn germ cake is extracted; the pre-pressing and leaching of corn germ avoids the complete pressing method. The embryo cake protein has the disadvantages of large denaturation and deep color, but it also has the advantages of higher yield and shorter leaching time than direct leaching.
Corn oil extraction process: corn germ press cake→extraction→filtration→evaporation→stripping→extraction of crude oil
Detailed process:
The corn germ press cake from the pre-pressing workshop is transported to the extraction workshop, and enters the extractor through the buried scraper conveyor and the sealing auger. With the operation of the extractor, the mixed oil with decreasing concentration is sprayed in order, and the fresh solvent is sprayed in to make the material The oil content in the medium is reduced to less than 1%, and the wet meal enters the steam off-line from the buried scraper conveyor and the sealing auger, sprays direct steam to remove the solvent, and transports it to the meal warehouse for packaging. The mixed oil obtained by solvent leaching of oil and fat is filtered, precipitated by mechanical impurities, evaporated, stripped and other processes to remove the solvent to obtain leached crude oil.
The mixed oil adopts the negative pressure evaporation technology, and uses the secondary steam of the evaporation and off-line as the heat source. The first steaming, the second steaming, and the stripping all work in a vacuum state, which reduces the evaporation temperature, speeds up the quality of the crude oil, and saves steam consumption .
The solvent vapors of evaporation, first steaming, second steaming, stripping, and leaching are recovered through corresponding condensers, and the condensate is collected in the liquid collection tank, and after entering the comprehensive container for water separation, the solvent is then pumped into the extractor to enter the next cycle , The separated water is discharged into waste water after being cooked in a cooking tank. The free gas of each condenser enters the balance tank, and then enters the final condenser, and the tail gas is recovered from the solvent and then emptied
Components of corn oil extraction machines; extractors, evaporation systems, stripping towers, absorption towers, condensers, dryers, distillation machines, cooking tanks, heaters, solvent tanks, cooling towers, pumps, etc.
Crude oil refining process of corn oil extraction machine:
The purpose of oil refining is to remove unnecessary and harmful impurities in crude oil, such as phospholipids, free fatty acids, waxes, pigments, odors and moisture, etc., to obtain refined oil that meets certain quality standards. The corn germ oil refining process is improved on the basis of the traditional corn germ oil refining process to obtain the best refined corn oil.
Core technology: degumming, alkali refining, decolorization, dewaxing and deodorization processes of corn germ oil.
Detailed process: filter corn germ crude oil after preheating, add phosphoric acid for hydration and degumming, add lye to the degummed crude oil for mixed reaction, and then desoap; the neutral oil after desoaping is washed with soft water and centrifuged; After oil refining is vacuum dried, it is fully mixed with clay for decolorization, and then filtered to obtain decolorized oil; filter aid is added to the decolorized oil for dewaxing and filtration to obtain dewaxed oil; after deoxygenation, the dewaxed oil enters the deodorization tower for deodorization and filtration Thus, refined corn germ oil is obtained.
Main equipment: acidification tank, alkali refining tank, clay mixing tank, decolorization tank, deodorization tower, gas analysis tank, filter, centrifuge, pump, heat conduction oil furnace, cooling tower, heat exchanger, crystallization tank, crystal growth tank, Refrigeration units, etc.
Technical features of corn oil extraction machine:
1. Corn germ oil adopts the pre-pressing extraction process, and the obtained crude oil has less impurities, light color and high quality; the production capacity of the equipment is improved; the extraction time is shortened;
2. The dewaxing section is placed between decolorization and deodorization to shorten the dewaxing time, effectively control the quality of refined oil, and increase production.
3. The entire processing process adopts programmed automatic operations to reduce labor expenses and production costs.

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