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professional manufacturer supplys cottonseed oil machinery including cottonseed oil expeller ,cottonseed oil refinery, cottonseed oil manufacturing process

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 Small scale complete cottonseed oil machinery includes two parts: cottonseed oil expeller, cottonseed oil refinery, without oil extraction. Cottonseed oil is edible only after refined because of gossypol. Here we introduce you the normal cottonseed oil manufacturing process, if you have special requirement , please contact us directly.
 Cottonseed oil manufacturing process

1. Flow chart 
Cottonseed oil manufacturing process

2. Some Cottonseed oil machinery photos

                Husking machine                         Husk/kernel separating screen
Cottonseed husking machine Husk/kernel separating screen
               Steam cooker                      Cottonseed oil expeller
Steam cooker Cottonseed oil expeller
            Degumming and deacidification                    Decoloration
Cottonseed oil refinery-degumming and deacidification Cottonseed oil refinery-decoloration
                 Deodorization                   Cottonseed oil refinery
Cottonseed oil refinery-deodorization Small scale cottonseed oil refinery



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