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Oil machine

oil machine refers to all machines for extracting oil, oil refining, and deep processing. It can be divided into general general oil extraction machines, grease extraction machines, oil refining machines, grease deep processing machines, and of course, oil pretreatment equipment.

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Oil machine


Oil machine refers to all oil extraction machines and oil refining machine and deep processing oil machine.

Specifically, it can be divided into general oil pressing machine, oil extraction machine, oil refining machine, oil deep processing machine, and of course pretreatment equipment for oil materials.

oil machine can be divided into soybean oil machine and sunflower oil machine according to the plant type. Cottonseed oil machine, sesame oil machine, coconut oil machine, rapeseed oil machine, rice bran oil machine, linseed oil machine, corn germ oil machine, peanut oil machine, etc.

oil machine can be divided into animal oil types, such as butter machine, lard machine, chicken and duck oil machine, fish oil machine, krill oil machine, etc.

oil machine and the oil press machine are further divided into a hot press oil machine and a cold press oil machine. They are also divided into a hydraulic oil press machine and a screw press machine. The hydraulic oil press machine is a machine that uses liquid pressure to squeeze and extract oil, and the screw press The oil machine is a machine that uses the rotation of the screw to change the mechanical energy into pressure and extract the oil.

Oil machine, not only the above-mentioned oil presses, but also extraction and oil-making machines, large-scale oil extraction plants generally use extraction and extraction oil machines. Extractors for extracting and extracting oils come in a variety of forms, including flat-turn extractors and ring extractors. Chain box extractor, etc., also has a specially designed basket extractor, 2D extractor, satellite extractor. The machine for extracting and extracting oil and fat generally adopts the method of soaking or spraying oil to dissolve the vegetable oil component into the solvent oil to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation. The vegetable oil is extracted by evaporation. Low temperature extraction and supercritical extraction methods can also be used to extract oils and fats.



oil machine also includes a grease refining machine. The oils extracted by the above various methods cannot be directly eaten because they contain various impurities, so they are subjected to oil refining, and the oil refining equipment includes dehydration, degumming, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing, degreasing and the like, and is processed to the standard of edible oil. The refining part of the grease machine, there are conventional chemical refining machines, physical refining machines, batch refining machines, continuous refining machines, semi-continuous refining machines and cold filter refining machines.

oil machine, in addition to the above mentioned equipment, is a common processing method for oil plants. Special oils also require special processing equipment.

For example, in the soybean oil production process, the requirements for soybean meal [common soybean meal, expanded soybean meal, peeled soybean meal, soybean white bean tablet, etc.] are different, and the selected oil machine is different.

Peanut oil flavor [scented peanut oil, fragrant peanut oil, 5S pressed peanut oil] requirements are different, the oil production method is not the same, the choice of oil machine is not the same.

The process of extracting phospholipids must be configured with phospholipid extraction machines such as soy lecithin and sunflower lecithin.

The oil machine also includes a refining machine for linseed oil capsules and tea seed oil capsule-grade fats.

Some oil plants require deep processing of grease. For example, the extraction, hydrogenation, kneading, etc., must be equipped with the corresponding oil machine.

The oil machine also includes oil decomposition machines, oil cracking machines, multi-stage refining machines and various animal oil smelting machine and margarines, margarine machine, etc.

oil machine also includes soy protein concentrate machine, soy protein isolate machine, dephenolated cottonseed protein machine, sunflower seed protein machine, peanut protein and peanut protein peptide machine derived from the customer's requirements for product components. Rice bran production inositol machine, rice bran protein machine, castor oil cracking production of azelaic acid machine, etc.

Dayang Company can design different oil machine processing equipment according to customer requirements






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