• steriziling tank in palm oil press
  • evaporator in palm oil extraction
  • desolventizer in palm oil extraction
  • palm oil refining

Palm oil machine

Palm oil production process for input capacity more than 20 t/d includes palm oil press, palm oil extraction and palm oil refining. Dayang can offer palm oil production equipment for whole process as requirement.

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 For input capacity more than 20 tons per day , total palm oil production process includes three workshops: Palm oil pre-press machine, palm oil extraction and palm oil refining. You can customize your palm oil production equipment according to your capacity.
Palm oil production process:

1. Palm oil pre-press

FFB after sterilizing, threshing and crushing will be pre-pressed, which is not necessary to press as much oil as we can because pressed cake will be extracted.

A.   Flow Chart

   palm oil processing process-palm oil pre-press
B. Palm oil production equipment  photos in palm oil pre-press
                                                                                                Sterilizing tank
sterilizing tank in palm oil extraction
                                                                                                Palm oil pre-press machine

2. Palm oil extraction

Palm oil extraction is using solvent to extract oil from palm cake, finally oil residue inside meal is less than 1%. And dry meal is better than cake for animal feed. So palm oil extraction is becoming more and more important for palm oil production.

A. Flow Chart
  palm oil extraction

B.  Palm oil production equipment  photos in palm oil extraction     

                                                                                                Rotocel oil extractor

3. Palm oil refining and fractionation

Palm oil refining has two ways : chemical refining and physical refining, here is talking about chemical refining, which means using alkali to neutrallize free fatty acid inside palm crude oil.  Fractionation adopts differnt temperature to make stearin frozen and separated from olein.

A.  Flow Chart

palm oil refinery flow chart

B.  Palm oil production equipment  photos in palm oil refining and fractionation
                                                                                   Palm oil refining 
palm oil refining
                                                                                    Palm oil fractionation
Palm oil fractionation



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