Palm oil refining machine

Palm oil refining machine

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 Palm oil refining machine

1. Main technical features and advantages of the palm oil refining machine and palm oil fractionation machine

Zhengzhou Dayang Oil Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd adopt the physical refining production process, it fully absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, comprehensive summary years of experiences in oil refining machine. Over years of practice proved that the refining yield and energy consumption are superior to that of other domestic company.
Feeding material type deacidification and deodorization tower used in this palm oil refining machine and palm oil fractionation machine.
At present, there are two kinds of deacidification and deodorization tower: layer plate type and feeding material type.
The biggest weakness of layer plate type deodorization tower is thick oil layer, oil is easy to take the short circuit, oil is stay for a long time in the tower, the effect is not good, especially deacidification, the effect lower than the feeding material type deodorization tower, but the thermal decoloration effect is better. 
Feeding material deodorization tower through oil distributor and feeding material distribution, make the oil divided evenly in the form style, the deacidification and deodorization effect significant. The disadvantage is that the oil in the tower and the retention time is short, the thermal decoloration effect is weak. Zhengzhou Dayang Oil Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd absorption the most advanced feeding material tower technology, and designed thermal bleaching device for physical refining tower.

2. Product process flow chart and  technical specification
2.1. palm oil refining machine process

2.2. palm oil fractionation machine process

3. Technical specification

Refining process

Steam consumption280kg/tons of oil

Electric consumption22KWH/tons of oil

Fractionation process

Steam consumption50kg/tons of oil

Electric consumption20KWH/tons of oil

Water consumption

 ≤2100Kg/tons of oil


Coal consumption

216-22Kg/tons of oil

Clay amount

23-30Kg /tons of oil

Oil content in the waste clay


Circulating cooling water


Decolorization consumption

Clay amount×0.25%


Deodorization consumption


Refining rate

1(refining consumption)%

4. photos for reference

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