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Rice bran oil machinery

Rice bran oil machinery includes rice bran expanding machine , rice bran oil extraction and rice bran oil refining machine

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Rice bran oil is one high acid value oil, which is very difficult to produce. So rice bran oil machinery need to be choosen carefully from raw seeds storage to final edible oil , whole production line should be controlled step by step. 
Dayang is a professional manufacturer and supplier of rice bran oil machinery, providing good price of rice bran oil machinery includes rice bran granulating or expanding machine, rice bran oil extraction machine, rice bran oil refining machine.

Rice bran oil machinery 

1. Separating screen- to take out small rice dregs out of rice bran 
rice bran oil machinery-separating screen

2. Granulator- to make regular rice bran granule with right size
Rice bran oil machinery-granulator

3. Plate drier- to dry rice bran granule with right moisture
Rice bran oil machinery-plate drier

4. Loop type oil extractor- with conterflow jet technology to make layer of material much thinner
Rice bran oil machinery- loop type oil extractor

5. Desolventizer- dumbell type technology  to dry rice bran meal , saving energy
Rice bran oil machinery-desolventizer

6.Evaporators- to evaporate solvent from mixed oil
Rice bran oil machinery-eaporators

7. Degumming- to remove phosphatide of crude oil 
Rice bran oil machinery-degumming

8. Deacidification and deodorization
Rice bran oil refining-deodorization

9. Defatting- to separate fat from rice bran oil 
rice bran oil refining-defatting
        Rice bran oil machinery should be well combined for higher oil yield and low engery consumption, if you want to know more about rice bran oil machinery , please contact us directly, we will offer you reasonable price,good quality machinery with advanced technology.



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