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Soybean oil processing includes three steps: soybean oil pretreatment, soybean oil extraction ,soybean oil refinery

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Here we introduce a most advanced technology for soybean oil processing, especially if you need higher protein contain in soybean meal. The difference of this soybean oil processing is dehulling technology adopted in soybean oil pretreatment.,which can produce the high temperature meal for animal feed and also the low temperature meal used for deep-processing concentrate soybean protein which is edible for human.

The main soybean oil processing steps are soybean oil pretreatment, soybean oil extraction and soybean oil refinery.

 Soybean oil processing steps:

1. Soybean oil pretreatment

A. Cleaning soybeans with vibrating screen, destoner
B. Grading soybeans according to proportion of  high temperature meal and low temperature meal you want to get
C. For high temperature meal , softening , dehulling, crushing ,flaking and drying , flaked soybean for oil extraction
D. For low temperature meal, fluid bed drying, dehulling ,seperating , softening ,crushing, flaking and drying , flaked soybean for oil extraction

Dehullling effects in soybean oil processing:
-Dehulling can improve protein contain inside soybean meal.
-Dehulling can increase production capacity of oil extraction
-Dehulling can reduce solent contain and oil residue inside wet meal
-Dehulling can reduce energy loss during soybean oil processing
-Dehulling can improve soybean oil quality.

2. Soybean oil extraction 

A. Extracting oil from flaked soybean ,after extracted , will get mixed oil and wet meal , both with solvent inside.
here soybean oil prcessing equipment uses oil extractor: loop type oil extractor , rotocel oil extractor or towline oil extractor etc depeding on capacity.
B. Evaporating solvent from mixed oil to get crude soybean oil. Main soybean oil processing equipment is muti-effective evaporators, which is using high temperature steam to transform solvent liquid into gas and collected by passing condensers.
C. Passing wet meal into layers of desolventizer , high temperature steam will transform solvent into gas and collected , the wet meal will be dried and delivered to package .

Note:  With our technology, the oil residue in soybean meal is about 0.7%

3. Soybean oil refinery

Soybean oil refinery is divided into three different ways according to automation level: Batch oil refinery, Semi-continous oil refinery and Continuous oil refinery. But the main process is same : Degumming , Deacidification , Decoloration and Deodorization. 

A. Degumming- removing non hydrated phospholipids and impurities from crude soybean oil
B. Deacidification-adding alkali to neutralize free fatty acid, quantity of alkali is depending on the acid value of crude soybean oil.
C. Decoloration--- using clay to bleach crude oil , quantity of clay is depending on the color of crude soybean oil.
D. Deodorization-- using vacumm high temperature deodorizing tower 

After these four steps, we will get refined edible soybean oil .

Total soybean oil processing cost will be different according to different combination of soybean oil processing equipment as your requirement. Contact us for more information!



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