soybean protein concentrate machine

This production process adopt soybean dehulling, normal temperature extraction, directly extracting and ethanol washing the wet soybean meal method to product soybean protein concentrate(SPC).

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soybean protein concentrate machine

This production process adopt soybean dehulling, normal temperature extraction, directly extracting and ethanol washing the wet soybean meal method to product soybean protein concentrate(SPC).
The technology has the advantages of low investment, avoid the process of flash drying the wet meal, prevent risk factors happening when charging nitrogen gas into the extraction machine, saving energy.

Main process of the soybean protein concentrate machine 
After screening, crushing, dehulling, flaking and other process, the soybean raw material product to soybean flakes and delivery into extraction machine, using hexane extract out soybean oil, evaporation and separation of the miscella, then recycling the hexane solvent. The wet meal content hexane sending into ethanol washing extraction machine directly, extracting out the alcohol soluble substance in the soybean flakes by hydrous ethanol, After ethanol washing, removal of excess ethanol by screw extruder, drying and crushing the meal to obtain the soybean protein concentrate. Ethanol solution reused after multiple solution. Hexane reused to extract soybean oil, the ethanol solution reused after separation of hexane and polysaccharide.
Main process of soybean pre-treatment workshop 
for the soybean protein concentrate machine
The whole set of pre-treatment equipment provided by Zhengzhou Dayang company have advantages as follows: fully continuous, mechanized operation. The whole system is simple, Under the premise advanced technology index, reduce project investment, lower failure rate and maintenance costs, make full use of factory space, and make full use of gravity to saving energy.
Metering: Zhengzhou Dayang adopting the most advanced metering equipment, to regulate the flow, ensure the stability of production and measurement of total production, and can achieve the purpose of cumulative measurement, instantaneous measurement and cost accounting. Measurement accuracy, high precision.
Cleaning: Using magnetic separator to remove iron impurities. vibration cleaning sieve used to remove large impurities, such as straw impurity; Specific-gravity stoner to remove stones, bricks and other heavy impurities; The dust removal system adopt cyclone and centrifugal fan for effective dust removal, ensure the workshop cleaning and remove light impurities.
Conditioning: Fast drying by low denatured drying tower and fluidized bed, not only ensure that the dehulling rate, increase the soybean protein content, but also to ensure the stability of soybean protein.
Dehulling: Adopt dehulling machine and sieve separator to increase the protein content in soy meal.
Softening: Heated the soybean to 50-70 degree by vertical softening kettle, make it fully soften, improve the plasticity of soybean materials, make the soybean flakes thin and complete, ensure the extracting effect. Meanwhile, the soybean hull and kernel further separated when stirring, ensure the protein stability at low temperature production.
Crushing: Breaking the soybeans into 4-8 pieces by double-roll crusher at high temperature, avoid excessive crush and the soybean pieces too large. Crushing by the disc type dehulling machine at low temperature, get complete kernel, hull and bean umbilical, screening together to separating them.
Flaking: Using hydraulic pressure flaking machine, can be very good destroy the oil cell organization, in order to ensure that the soybean flakes thin and uniform, toughness and smaller powders.

Soybean flakes drying: Considering the high moisture content in the raw soybean material and ensure the stability of soybean protein, drying the soybean flakes suitable to extracting by low temperature air flow drying machine.

Crushing machine

Dehulling machine

Extracting and alcohol washing procedure for the soybean protein concentrate machine
Sending the soybean flakes from pre-treatment workshop to the extraction machine by feeding scraper conveyor. Spraying and soaking the soybean flakes from the entrance to the exist in the extraction machine with decreasing concentration mixed oil, finally spraying with fresh solvent, then sending into the wet meal scraper through a drying area. The most concentrated mixed oil filtered by the filter, pumped into the mixed oil tank, then through the first evaporator feeding pump into the first long tube evaporator. 
The first and second evaporator, stripping and desolution of the mixed oil all adopting vacuum evaporation, using steam jet pump to pumping vacuum, the steam and solvent mixture gas from steam jet pump enter into the cooking pot for separating.
After sedimented, the mixed oil entered into the first long tube evaporator tube side, evaporated solvent enters into vacuum condenser after separation chamber.
After concentrated in the first evaporator, the mixed oil enters into the second long tube evaporator. Heating shell side by indirect steam, evaporated solvent enters into vacuum condenser after separation chamber.
The mixed oil enters into ball plate in the stripping tower from top, down layer by layer, at the same time, spraying direct steam from bottom, remove of the solvent, mixed oil volatile substance content less than 100PPM. Top exit connecting vacuum condenser.
The ethanol solvent with syrup from the extraction machine, Separated out hexane first, then evaporate by two effect alling-film evaporator, one effect evaporator using fresh steam, the two effect evaporator using the steam from one effect evaporator, concentrate the evaporated materials by film evaporator, stored when the syrup concentration reach to 65%. 
Extraction machine 

The characteristics of Zhengzhou Dayang`s soybean protein concentrate machine
This process combined with the most advanced international technology of ethanol washing soybean protein concentrate production method, using hydrous ethanol washing the containing n-hexane wet soybean meal in the ethanol washing extraction machine, after ethanol washing, extruding the wet soybean meal by screw extruder to remove of part of ethanol solvent, the ethanol solvent from screw extruder mixed with the ethanol from ethanol washing extraction machine. The extruded wet meal send into vacuum drying machine, remove solvent and water under vacuum and heating conditions, after drying, water content in the concentrated protein less than 9%, blowing them to temporary storehouse by product blower, after superfine grinding, part of the product  measuring and packing send into the protein product warehouse, the other part as raw materials, blowing into functional soybean protein concentrate workshop for further processing.
The automatic control system in this workshop is set up according to the technological conditions and requirements, control system adopting PLC and industrial control computer, formed medium and small scale distributed control system. Computer using WINCC configuration programming software, has the characters of good man-machine interface and operating performance. Industrial control computer as the upper monitoring computer, can setting the technology parameter, process parameter and the status display, the implementation and the historical curve display, fault alarm, fault restoration and report output.



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