Soybean protein isolate equipment

Soybean protein isolate equipment

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Soybean protein isolate equipment
1. Brief description of main production process of Soybean protein isolate equipment

2. Brief introduction of main soybean protein isolate process flow.

2.1 Extraction
Delivery the defatted soybean to the extraction workshop, weighing 600kg per batch hoisted into the first extraction groove by the electric hoist (101), hot water has been added in the tank advance, high speed stirring when feeding, stirring speed of 120 rev/min. Adding NaOH to adjust the pH value to 7.1, after reaction 5-10 minutes change to low speed stirring 60 rpm / min. Open the discharge valve for discharge, pump into the first extraction separator(104) by the first extraction conveying pump(103). The liquid phase flows into the mixed soy milk tank(108), and use hot water flush the solid phase to the second extraction groove(105).After second extraction, delivery the material into the second extraction separator(107) by the second extraction pump(106). The solid phase by the screw conveyer(110) send to the dregs storage stack, for sell, liquid phase flows into mixed soy milk tank(108), and mixed with the soy milk from the first extraction separator(104), then pumped them by the soy milk pump( 109) into acid precipitation tank(111) for acid precipitation.
2.2.Acid precipitation
Adding sodium metabisulfite (0.6kg per batch) to the acid precipitation tank for bleaching and reducing viscosity the mixed soybean milk, then adding HCL(35%), as well as higher the stirring speed to 120 rev/min, adjust the pH value to 4.5. Then reduce the stirring speed to 60 rev/min after acid precipitation. The discharge pump into acid precipitation separator(113) by the acid precipitation pump(112). Liquid flow out of the workshop from pipe, and the solid(curd) flush into the crshuing machine(114) by cold water, crushing and diluting, pumped into neutralization tank(116) by the curd pump(115).
2.3. Neutralization and sterilization
Adding NaOH(10%) into to neutralization tank(116) to neutralized the diluted curd, adjust the PH value to about 7.1.
Adding cooling water in order to reduce the temperature of the neutralizing liquid to 15-20. 
Neutralizing liquid(A liquid) transfer by the A liquid delivery pump(117), through the filter(118) then pressed by the high pressure pump,sterilized by the direct steam in the sterilizing device(120), sterilization temperature 140, last 15 seconds. After sterilization, the liquid(B liquid) enter into flash tank(121), vacuum degree is 600mmHg.Vacuum is obtained by the hydraulic ejector (143).
2.4. Drying and product packaging
B liquid spray into drying tower(201) under the high pressure, droplet of the B liquid contact with 145 hot air from the hot-blast stove(220),hot air amount:33000Nm3/hr.the dried product with hot air(75) are separated in the cyclone separator (202), and the hot air is discharged into the atmosphere through draught fan (207).
The product from cyclone separator (202) enter into receiving hopper(204), then delivered to the bag filter209 by the air flow, gas is discharged into the atmosphere by the conveying draught fan(210), The finished product to storage(212) from bag filter, mixed evenly in the storage(212) then packaging.  
3. Main equipment of the soybean protein isolate equipment
3.1Stone removing section

Crushing section 

Flaking machine

Extraction machine

Miscella evaporation section

Protein isolate workshop



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