• Sunflower oil machine

Sunflower oil machine

Sunflower oil machine A complete set of machinery and equipment for extracting oil and refining from sunflower seeds Sunflower seeds, also called sunflower seeds, are the fruits of sunflowers. Its seeds contain 30%-45% fat, and the most can reach 60%. Sunflower seed oil is golden in color, clear and transparent, and has a delicate smell. It is an important edible oil. It contains a large amount of linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote the regeneration a

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A complete set of machinery and equipment for extracting oil and refining from sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds, also called sunflower seeds, are the fruits of sunflowers. Its seeds contain 30%-45% fat, and the most can reach 60%. Sunflower seed oil is golden in color, clear and transparent, and has a delicate smell. It is an important edible oil. It contains a large amount of linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote the regeneration and growth of human cells, protect skin health, and reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. It is a high-grade nutrient oil. It is golden in color, clear and transparent, and has an aromatic odor.The world's consumption of sunflower oil ranks fourth after palm oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil among all vegetable oils. It is one of the important edible oil varieties in European countries. Many countries and regions in the world, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea, consume as much as 70% of their consumption. They are also the main edible oil for Europeans, Russians, and especially Ukrainians.Sunflower oil is a healthy edible oil known for its high content of linoleic acid. In the 21st century, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy, cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases have increased, and long-term consumption of suitable oil products can greatly improve the above symptoms. Sunflower oil is one of the most excellent healthy fats and oils, and it has become the oil of choice for consumers and chefs. Because it is rich in linoleic acid and rich in nutrients for maintaining human health, it is known abroad as "good health products", "high-grade nutritional oils" or "healthy oils", etc.


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The sunflower oil machine manufactured by DAYANG company, after screening sunflower seeds, peeling the shell, and separating the shell and kernel. Steamed and fried. Pressing, extracting, processing, and preparing fats and oils. After degumming, deacidification, dehydration, decolorization, dewaxing and other refining processes, the processed sunflower oil. It is a bright and beautiful light yellow or bluish yellow, with a fragrant smell and a pure taste. It contains sterols, vitamins, linoleic acid and other substances that are beneficial to humans. Among them, the content of natural vitamin E is the highest among all major vegetable oils; while linoleic oil The acid content can reach about 70%. It can lower serum cholesterol levels, lower triglyceride levels, and lower blood pressure. In addition, it is light and transparent, can retain the natural food flavor when cooking, and its smoke point is also high, which can avoid the harm of oil fume to the human body.

The composition of fatty acids in sunflower oil is affected by climatic conditions. The oil produced in cold regions contains about 15% oleic acid and about 70% linoleic acid; the oil produced in warm regions contains about 65% oleic acid and about 20% linoleic acid. The human digestibility of sunflower oil is 96.5%. In addition, the content of α-tocopherol, which has the strongest physiological activity in sunflower oil, is higher than that of general vegetable oil. Moreover, the ratio of linoleic acid content to vitamin E content is relatively balanced, which is convenient for human body to absorb and utilize. Therefore, it is an excellent edible oil with high nutritional value and beneficial to human health.

Sunflower seed oil also contains more vitamin E, about 100-120 mg per 100 grams. It has a good function of delaying the senescence of human cells and maintaining youthfulness. Regular consumption can strengthen the body and prolong life.

The oil extracted by the sunflower oil machine also contains more vitamin B3, which is effective in treating mental illnesses such as neurasthenia and depression. It contains a certain amount of protein and inorganic substances such as potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, etc., which are very effective in the treatment of diabetes and iron deficiency anemia, and are of great significance to the healthy growth of adolescent bones and teeth. The linoleic acid it contains is an essential fatty acid for the human body, which helps human body development and physiological regulation, and also has a positive effect on preventing dry skin and scaly hypertrophy.

Sunflower seed oil contains trace amounts of plant alcohols and phospholipids, these two substances can prevent the increase in serum cholesterol. It is rich in carotene, which is more than peanut oil, sesame oil and soybean oil. It also contains nutrients such as glucose and sucrose, and its caloric value is also higher than that of soybean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, corn oil, etc., which can produce 9.499 calories per gram. Its melting point is also low, it is suitable for being absorbed by the human body, and the absorption rate can reach more than 98%. In addition, it is slightly heated and has a strong fragrance. It is the best edible oil except sesame oil.

Because it is rich in nutrients and has a variety of health care functions for the human body, it is known as the "high-grade nutritional oil". It has been selling well in the international market in recent years and has been greatly favored.

Artistically packaged sunflower oil

Sunflower oil machine production process introduction

The equipment components used are: meter, magnetic separator, vibrating screen, peeling machine, shell and kernel separator, embryo pressing machine, steaming and frying pan, pressing machine, vibrating filter, etc.

Sunflower seeds are screened and cleaned by a vibrating screen in the pretreatment workshop, sent to the shelling machine by conveying equipment, and then sent to the shell and kernel separation after being peeled, and then passed through the steaming and frying pan for tempering, and finally after the oil extraction, etc., it is also selected The effect of embossing technology will be better.

The pre-pressed sunflower seed cake is sent to the extraction workshop for oil extraction. The pre-pressed and extracted crude oil undergoes degumming, deacidification, dehydration, decolorization, deodorization, and dewaxing processes to obtain refined sunflower oil.

Pre-pressing process of sunflower oil machine: The large-scale production line of sunflower oil generally adopts the pre-pressing process of sunflower seed dehulling. After the raw material enters the factory, it is sent to the cleaning equipment by the conveying equipment. The preliminary cleaning, drying, and then the steel plate are carried out. After being homogenized in the warehouse for a few days and then processed, the sunflower seeds will be cleaned and dehulled in the workshop during processing. The dried and homogenized sunflower seeds have a moisture content of 7-9, and the hardness and strength of the shell are uniform.

During processing, the sunflower seed raw materials are screened, wind-separated and magnetically separated, and then enter the shelling machine to peel the shells, and then the shells and kernels are separated in the shell and kernel separation screen. It can also be directly pre-extracted without shelling, and directly pre-squeezed. The meal produced has a high fiber content and can be used as a cattle feed. After the shell and kernel are separated, the moisture and temperature of the kernel are adjusted by a softening pot, and then the kernel is rolled with a embryo rolling machine, and then steamed in a steaming pan, pre-squeezed with a screw pre-press, and the extracted crude oil is filtered to obtain Crushed oil is sent to refining. The pressed cake is sent to the extraction workshop for oil extraction. After dehulling sunflower seeds, the sunflower meal produced has high protein content. Animal palatability is good.

Steaming and pressing section

  The oil extraction process of the pre-pressed cake of the sunflower oil machine:

Pre-squeezed sunflower cake extraction filtration evaporation steam stripping extraction of crude oil. After the oil and fat are extracted, the meal is dried and stored.

The equipment in this section includes scraper hoists, extractors, desolventizers, evaporators, condensers, mineral oil tail gas recovery equipment, etc.

The sunflower pressed cake in the pre-pressing workshop is transported to the extraction workshop, and enters the extractor through a buried scraper conveyor and sealed auger. With the operation of the extractor, the mixed oil of decreasing concentration is sprayed, and finally fresh solvent is sprayed to make The oil content in the feed is reduced to less than 1, and the wet meal that has been extracted from sunflower oil is sent to the steaming machine by 2 buried scraper conveyors and sealed augers, and direct steam is sprayed into the steaming machine to remove the solvent, and then indirectly heated After drying, it is transported to the meal storehouse for packing. The mixed oil obtained by solvent extraction and dissolving fats and oils is subjected to filtration, precipitation of mechanical impurities, evaporation, and steam stripping to remove the solvent to obtain the extracted crude oil.

The mixed oil adopts negative pressure evaporation technology, and uses the secondary steam of the steam-off machine as the heat source. The first steam, the second steam, and the stripper all work in a vacuum state, which reduces the evaporation temperature, improves the crude oil quality, and saves steam consumption. .

The solvent vapors separated by steaming, first steaming, second steaming, steam stripping, extraction, etc., are respectively recovered through the corresponding condensers, and the condensate is concentrated in the liquid collecting tank, and after entering the integrated container for water separation, the solvent is then pumped for extraction. The device enters the next cycle, and the separated water is boiled in the cooking tank and the wastewater is discharged. The free gas of each condenser enters the balance tank, and then enters the final condenser, and the tail gas is vented after the solvent is recovered by the mineral oil. If sunflower meal is further processed, it is necessary to choose a more advanced low-temperature meal production process. The low-temperature meal protein has little denaturation. After chlorogenic acid is extracted, the sunflower protein isolate is processed.


Horizontal rotation extractor in solvent extraction section

Sunflower protein isolate is also written as sunflower seed protein, also known as sunflower protein. Sunflower seed kernels contain 21%-30% protein. It is a protein product that uses shelled sunflower seeds to extract defatted sunflower seed meal without pressing one-time extraction and removes phenolic acid compounds such as chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. The main component of sunflower protein isolate is globulin (about 70% to 79%), followed by albumin and a small amount of gluten and gliadin. In the amino acid composition, the content of lysine is lower, while the content of other essential amino acids is higher

Uses of sunflower protein isolate 1. For general food. After 1% to 2% of defatted sunflower seed protein powder is steamed for 1 hour in damp heat and added to bread and other foods, it can strengthen nutrition, make up for the insufficient content of essential amino acids in flour, and increase the elasticity of bread crumbs to prevent flour The effect of starch aging.

2. A good additive for baby food. Compared with soybean protein, sunflower seed protein has lower lysine content, but higher methionine content. Combine sunflower seed protein with soy protein and add it to infant foods to enhance nutrition

3. Additives in meat products. When sunflower seed protein is added to sausages and other meat products, the shrinkage is small during smoking, which can not only prevent oil separation and reduce weight loss, but also increase the tenderness of sausages and make the products richer in palatability. Adding sunflower seed tissue protein (30%) to fillings of pies, buns, dumplings and other foods instead of pork can not only reduce animal fat in foods, reduce cholesterol content, but also reduce costs.

4. Make artificial milk and other beverages. Sunflower seed protein has a soft smell and no peculiar smell such as bey, it is a good raw material for high-end beverages and artificial milk. The sunflower seed protein concentrate is heat-treated at 80°C, mechanically stirred and then added with an emulsifier to make a 3% protein-containing emulsion. Mix it with milk in a ratio of 1:1 to obtain a better flavor and color. Of mixed milk.

Sunflower Protein Isolate


Major equipment:

Extractor, evaporator, dregs trap, long tube evaporator, butterfly stripper, condenser, integrated container storehouse, cooking tank, tail gas absorption tower, etc. For example, processing sunflower protein isolate requires secondary extractors, extruders, separation equipment, drying equipment, etc.

main feature:

The equipment adopts negative pressure evaporation process, which has low residual oil, low dissolution consumption, good quality of extracted crude oil and light color.


Condenser and model process diagram of extraction section

Complete refining equipment for sunflower oil machine:

Sunflower seed crude oil has a lighter color. The process of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization is basically similar to that of soybean oil. After dewaxing, it can reach the national first-class oil standard.

Crude oil-degumming-decolorization-filtration-deoxygenation-heat exchange-heating-deacidification and deodorization-heat exchange-cooling-crystallization-crystal growth-filtration-refined oil

Process Description:

After the crude oil is preheated, light alkali is added to make the gum and some free fatty acids in the oil form soapstock, and then the soapstock is separated, and then hot brine is added to the oil to wash, and the soap water is separated. Degumming is completed by the same washing time. The degummed oil enters the decolorization process, adds activated clay to decolorize in the decolorization tower, and then is pumped into the leaf filter for filtration. After polishing, the filtrate enters the next process. After the leaf filter is blown dry, the waste clay is discharged through vibration. The decolorized oil is pumped into the gas separator for vacuum deoxygenation, and then pumped into the oil-oil heat exchanger for heat exchange preheating with the deodorized oil, and then enters the heater when it is heated to about 250 , and enters the combined deacidification and deodorization tower in a high vacuum state Deacidification and deodorization are carried out under the following conditions, and volatile substances such as fatty acids and odors in the oil are removed to a large extent. The fatty acid mixed steam is discharged from the top of the tower into the fatty acid trapping system and sold. The oil is drawn from the bottom and pumped into the heat exchanger to exchange heat with the oil to be deodorized, and then cooled to obtain the deodorized oil. The deodorized oil is cooled and crystallized in a crystallization tank and then transferred to the crystallization stage. The oil after crystallization and crystallization is pumped into a filter to separate wax and grease to obtain refined oil.

According to customer needs. We can also design sunflower phospholipid extraction equipment and lecithin processing production lines. In the early stage of sunflower oil refining, advanced mechanical filtration is used to remove mechanical impurities. The hydration process is used to separate the phospholipids, and then the sunflower oil is refined. Phospholipids are concentrated or reprocessed to prepare lecithin.

Major equipment:

Centrifuge (or oil refining pot), decolorization tower, leaf filter, bag filter, combined deacidification and deodorization tower, spiral plate heat exchanger, crystallization tank, dewaxing filter, etc.

Process characteristics:

Adopting physical refining technology, equipped with advanced combined deacidification and deodorization tower, with high degree of automation, low production cost and low loss, the dewaxing and degreasing process is designed, and the quality of refined oil can reach the national first-class standard

Continuous decolorization section

Dewaxing section of sunflower oil machine

The company provides various types of sunflower oil machines, with conventional technology and special technology, etc. The production line with a daily processing capacity of less than 40 tons can use pressing equipment. For 50-100 tons of sunflower seeds, we recommend to choose the conventional pressing process, configure the conventional extraction process, and the production line with a processing capacity of more than 100 tons. We choose the negative pressure evaporation extraction process, and the production line with a processing capacity of more than 200 tons. It is recommended to choose minerals with tail gas. In the oil recovery process, if sunflower seed protein isolate is to be produced in the later stage, we recommend the low-temperature meal production line.

Large-scale sunflower oil processing enterprises produce a lot of sunflower husks during the production process. We can choose supporting sunflower husk combustion power generation equipment, using biomass boilers to burn or gasify sunflower husks to obtain high-pressure steam and drive steam turbines to generate electricity. The steam after power generation can also be reused in the extraction workshop or refining workshop, so that the comprehensive utilization of the enterprise benefit will be better

Sunflower shell burning generator set

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