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Sunflower oil processing

Small scale sunflower oil processing includes sunflower oil press and sunflower oil refining

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For small scale sunflower oil processing with input capacity less than 20 tons per day, complete set of sunflower oil processing machines includes two workshops : sunflower oil press and sunflower oil refining.

 1. Sunflower Oil Press 

A. Flow chart

Raw seeds → Cleaning screen → Destoner → Husking machine→Kernel/husk separating screen → Cooker → Oil press → Crude oil for refining

B. Main sunflower oil processing machine in oil press workshop

                 Cleaning machine_to remove impurities

                    Destoner_to remove small stones

Cleaning machine Destoner

                 Husking machine 

      Kernel/husk separating screen_to separate kernel and husk

Husking machine Kernel/husk separating screen

         Cooker_cooking sunflower kernel before press machine 

                               Sunflowe oil press machine
Steam cooker Sunflowe oil press machine

2. Sunflower Oil Refining
A. Flow chart
Crude oil→Degumming→ Deacidification→ Decoloration→ Deodorization→ Dewaxing→ Edible sunflower oil

B.Main sunflower oil processing machine in oil refining workshop

     Degumming and deacidification_to remove gum and free fatty acid                             Decoloration_to bleach crude oil
Degumming-deacidification Decoloration
                          Deodorization_to remove odor from crude oil        Dewaxing_to remove wax from refined sunflower oil
Deodorization Dewaxing

Note: for sunflower oil processing is very important to remove wax after oil refining in order to get transparent ,clear first grade
sunflower oil.





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