• Dephenolized cottonseed protein machine

Dephenolized cottonseed protein machine

Dephenolized cottonseed protein machine The dephenolized gossypol machine is a cottonseed deep processing production line that uses liquid-liquid-solid technology to extract cottonseed protein from cottonseed and remove harmful gossypol. After more than ten years of development, the production technology of dephenolized gossypol machine has become the mainstream production technology of cottonseed protein (crude protein content greater than 50%, spectroscopic free gossypol content less th

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Dephenolized cottonseed protein machine

The dephenolized gossypol machine is a cottonseed deep processing production line that uses liquid-liquid-solid technology to extract cottonseed protein from cottonseed and remove harmful gossypol.

After more than ten years of development, the production technology of dephenolized gossypol machine has become the mainstream production technology of cottonseed protein (crude protein content greater than 50%, spectroscopic free gossypol content less than 400PPM) products. Co., Ltd. has concentrated on research for many years, innovating and improving the production line. The production process and technology of "recycling dephenolized cottonseed protein" with mature technology have been formed.

The production process of the dephenolized cottonseed protein machine, on the basis of inheriting the advantages of other extraction processes, innovatively adopts the technology of forced circulation soaking dephenolization, extrusion desolvation, humidification and recovery of residual solvent, which maximizes the nutritional value and resists The removal of nutritional factors is more complete, and the processing cost is greatly reduced. The quality and nutritional level of the dephenolized cottonseed protein products produced by this process are at the leading level in the industry, and are widely welcomed by the feed and aquaculture industries.


Process characteristics of dephenolized cottonseed protein machine

(1) The whole process of low temperature processing

Protein denaturation is small! High protein solubility! Low oil pigment!

The dephenolized gossypol machine adopts the whole process of low temperature treatment of cottonseed to avoid protein thermal denaturation and Maillard reaction to the greatest extent, reduce the formation of bound gossypol and denatured gossypol, and ensure the nutritional value of cottonseed protein products.

Cottonseeds are husked with toothed sticks. Ensure that no high temperature is generated during the peeling process, low temperature softening, the extraction temperature does not exceed 55 degrees, vacuum low temperature drying, and low temperature production throughout the process. Ensure that protein solubility can reach more than 50% (potassium hydroxide protein solubility is an indicator that feed enterprises pay special attention to, and is proportional to protein nutrition and digestion level.), amino acids account for more than 90% of crude protein; It will be solidified into protein and oil products, the content of crude oil pigment is low, and the quality of oil products is fully guaranteed.

(2) One-time leaching and oil extraction, low protein residual oil! !

The dephenolized cottonseed protein machine adopts the process of one-time extraction of cottonseed to produce oil, and uses an off-chain extractor, which is suitable for spraying and extracting oil from cottonseed embryos with low residual oil.

(3) Detoxification by immersion in low concentration solvent

Gossypol is removed! Low in anti-nutritional factors! Protein alcohol denaturation is small!

We do not use toxic methanol as the extractant, use a new type of non-toxic solvent, and use a special chain box-type circulating extractor to soak in a non-toxic low-concentration solvent for a short time (about 40 minutes) to remove gossypol and sugar. Anti-nutritional factors such as small protein denaturation, tannin, phytic acid, sugar and other anti-nutritional factors are completely removed, which further improves the nutritional value of the product; at the same time, the residual oil in the meal can be extracted twice, so that the residual oil in the protein can be reduced. To less than 1%, improve the processing efficiency.

In other processes, through methanol spraying and drying for a long time, the incomplete desolubilization contains methanol residues, which has an impact on animal feed. Although the detection value of gossypol is reduced, a large amount of alcohol and heat-denatured gossypol still remain in the product. In addition, due to the combination of amino acids and gossypol, the defects and disadvantages such as amino acid content and digestibility are reduced.

(4) Extrusion desolvation, one low temperature drying

Short drying time! Low drying temperature! Less amino acid loss! High protein solubility!

The dephenolized cottonseed protein machine uses a deliquoring machine to remove a large amount of solvent in the wet meal. Therefore, only one low-temperature disc drying can be used to achieve the drying effect. The drying time is short and the protein denaturation is small, which not only reduces the coal consumption, It also greatly avoids protein denaturation and thermal denaturation in the environment of heating and dephenolizing solvents. The protein product potassium hydroxide has high protein solubility, high proportion of amino acids in protein, and high nutritional level.

(5) Whole process automatic control, micro negative pressure, protein humidity adjustment, dephenolization solvent recovery

Low dissolution consumption! ,Low energy consumption! The right amount of protein! Stable product quality and high controllability!

Dephenolized cottonseed protein machine, the entire production process adopts automatic control, the production is more stable, and the control parameters are more accurate; the whole process of micro-negative pressure processing, mineral oil tail gas recovery process, can control the quantitative emission, reduce solvent consumption to the greatest extent; use thin film evaporation The dephenolization solvent can be recovered by the device to avoid the liquid flooding of the rectification tower, and the cottonseed sugar can be obtained while the production process is stable; the humidifier with its own intellectual property rights is used to further recover the residual solvent in the meal, reduce consumption, and reasonably adjust the water content in the meal. , On the basis of energy saving, consumption reduction and stable production, a circulating soaking dephenolized cottonseed protein product with high efficiency, small protein denaturation, high nutritional level, moderate water content and stable quality is obtained.

(6) Semi-continuous physical oil refining process

The dephenolized cottonseed protein machine adopts a semi-continuous physical refining process to process cottonseed oil, which saves the customer's investment and obtains high-quality refined cottonseed oil.


The dephenolized cottonseed protein industry provides complete sets of equipment for dephenolized cottonseed protein with three production capacities of 150 tons, 300 tons and 600 tons of light cottonseed per day.


2. Main technical indicators

1. Cottonseed quality: a, first-class cottonseed; b, light seed, cottonseed residual lint rate 3-5%; c, moisture 8-10%; d, no mixed grade.

2. Solvent quality: a, vegetable oil extraction solvent, b dephenolization solvent quality, 99.7%

3. Quality of refined cottonseed oil: in line with GB1537-2003 standard.

4. Protein content 50%. Crude protein content is 50%, 55%, 60% three specifications

5. The content of free gossypol is less than or equal to 30ppm (detected by liquid phase method).

6. Protein residual oil1.5%.

7. Moisture content 6%.

8. Under the requirement of ensuring the quality of cottonseed in 1, the kernel content in the shell is 1%, and the shell content in the kernel is 10%)

Due to the application of new technology, the dephenolized gossypol protein machine not only removes the gossypol toxin, but also fully protects the effective nutrients in the product through the low-temperature process, with a pale yellow color and a delicate fragrance and palatability. It provides new and high-quality feed protein for feed and breeding enterprises. As a substitute for soybean meal and fish meal, it is widely used in livestock, poultry, rumination and aquaculture. The crude protein content of feed dephenolized cottonseed protein is 50%, 55% and 60% respectively, and the total amino acid accounts for 87.0% of crude protein.

Three, nutritional properties

According to the toxicology and toxic effects of gossypol, the protein agency of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations stipulates that the content of gossypol in detoxified cottonseed meal is less than 0.065%; the World Health Organization stipulates that the content of gossypol is less than 0.04%; the US Food and Drug Administration stipulates that edible cottonseed The protein standard gossypol content shall not exceed 0.045%. The gossypol content of dephenolated gossypol below 0.04% meets the edible requirements of international standards and can be used as human food.

Dephenolized cottonseed protein has high nutritional value, is also extremely rich in trace elements, and has high nutritional value, including calcium 0.26%, magnesium 1.04%, iron 0.028%, potassium 1.96%, sodium 0.019%, phosphorus 1.55%, sulfate 1.74% , soluble iron 0.0028%, soluble magnesium 0.55%, soluble phosphorus 0.88% and soluble sulfur 0.19%.

Fourth, application; dephenolized cottonseed protein can be used to raise poultry and make pig feed. Cattle and sheep feed. Aquatic product feed addition

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