• Cottonseed oil refining machine

Cottonseed oil refining machine

Cottonseed oil refining machine, cottonseed oil refining equipment

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 Cottonseed oil refining machine

1. Process of the Cottonseed oil refining machine

Crude cotton seed oil-- filter--hydration--dry degumming--decoloration--physical refining--deacidification--deodorization--1st grade cotton seed oil
(Zhengzhou Dayang combine physical refining and alkali refining method, In order to remove of the gossypol completely.)

2. Filter

3. Decolorzation process
In the traditional technology, alkali refining can meet the leaching requirement of decolorization when refining third grade oil, but in this refining process, we adopt the physical refining method, so in order to reduce the  phosphorus content, and ensure the color of the oil reach national standard, should use the Adsorption decolorization. According to the characters of the cottonseed oil,  improve the decolorization effect and remove gossypol completely, use activated carbon and activated clay mixture as decoloring agent, the proportion is 1:9, Decolorization temperature is about 115 degrees Celsius, the vacuum degree is about 90 kPa.

3.Physical deacidification

Physical deacidification is required only if the decolorization acid value is higher than 2 mgKOH / G.
Physical refining the cottonseed oil must consider the gossypol content, ensure the gossypol not obvious oxidation or polymerization,
so the physical refining temperature is required not higher than 200 cc, the residual pressure is not higher than 267 Pa,
can using a feeding type deacidification tower to shorten the processing time, After physical deacidification, the acid value of the oil is about 2 mgKOH/G.

4. Alkali refining

Alkali refining processing is necessary in the cottonseed oil refining machine.

After physical refining, there is also little gossypol content in the cottonseed oil, so, alkali refining process can remove the gossypol content in the oil. 



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