• Peanut oil refining machine

Peanut oil refining machine

Peanut oil refining machine

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Peanut oil refining machine

The peanut oils from pre-press workshop and oil extraction workshop can not be ate directly, the oils form the pressing workshop, not through high temperature or chemical refining, the oils can be cooking after cooling to a certain temperature and filter out the impurity, kept the flavor taste of the peanut oil.

The crude peanut oil from the oil extraction machine must refining before eating, The peanut oil refining machine can remove of the impurity in the oils, remove the phosphoric acid, free fatty acid, pigment, odor, and other impurities from the crude peanut oil, mainly including degumming, deodorization, drying, deacidification and decoloration process, make the peanut oil good for human`s health and easy to storage. According to the production capacity, can choose intermittent chemical refining or semi-continuous refining machine, and fully continuous refining is suitable for the large peanut oil processing plant.


Send the dugumming peanut oil into the decoloration device, heating and adding adsorbent, filter out the adsorbent by the vibration filter then to next process. Decoloration section is very important in the peanut oil refining machine, it will change the color and improve the value of the peanut oil.

Distillate the mix oil according the different boiling point of the triglyceride and free fatty acid and the odor things, in order to take off the smell of the peanut oil, this process also very important in the peanut oil refining machine, after this process, the peanut oil can sell in the market.





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