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Sebacic acid equipment

Sebacic acid equipment

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 Sebacic acid equipment

Energy conservation is a long-term strategic policy for China's economic development, not only to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of energy, but also to promote the development of environmental protection and health of the national economy, as well as it has a great significance to the industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading.
Sebacic acid is the main raw material of cold-resistance plasticizer,resin and nylon, can also be used as a raw material for high temperature lubricating oil.Sebacate plasticizier can be widely used in polyvinyl chloride alkyd resin, polyester resin and polyamide resin molded, due to its low toxicity and resistance to high temperature performance, so often used in some special purpose resin.Nylon molding resin produced by sebacic acid with high toughness and low hygroscopicity, favored by various manufacturers, sebacic acid market potential is very large.
Zhengzhou Dayang Oil Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd devoloped advanced technology to produt sebacic acid:

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