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Oil extractor is most important machine in edible oil extraction , rotocel oil extractor is one of common oil extractors .

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Oil extractor is one of most important  edible oil extraction machine,there are several different type of oil extractors : rotocel oil extractor , loop type oil extractor, towline oil extractor. Edible oil extraction is using solvent to extract oil inside oil extractor. Here we talk about rotocel oil extractor.


Rotocel oil extractor is one of most important edible oil extraction machine , is comprised by cylinder-shaped case , rotor with several lattices , and drive device etc.Rotocel oil extractor has three types : movable (false ) bottom extractor, fixed grid extractor and double layer extractor.

In the 1980s in domestic oil processing plant, the widely used is movable bottom oil extractor. After the 1990s began to popularize fix grid extractor , movable bottom oil is gradually eliminated.

Fixed grid extractor has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, low power consumption, stable operation and low failure. The combination of spray and immersion, good leaching effect, low residual oil, mixed oil through the internal tent filter has less powder and mixed oil concentration is high, and it is widely used for all kinds of oil pre-pressed cake or soybean oil, rice bran oil etc.

Double layer extractor is suitable for large scale manufacturers, which is suitable for the processing of special products and processing of soybean concentrate protein.

To use what type of oil extractor , we will choose for you according to your capacity and raw seeds.


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